School News

Recently on the 25th day of July, 2019, the HOS,Ms. Aruna Sivaraj became a proud participant among an end number of school Principals hailing from different parts of India, at a conclave in Eros’hotel, Nehruplace. The conclave had been organised by the Global Guru and the topic to be discussed by the panel was NCERT vs. Private Publishers. All the worthy Principals of various schools voiced their concern on the issue. Many expressed their views in favour of Private Publishers while Ms. Aruna Sivaraj expressed her opinion vehemently in favour of NCERT. Speaking on the occasion, she highlighted that the books implemented by NCERT are the compilations of the venerated intellectuals of the country which establish the global context very well irrespective of the subjects chosen. These books expose children to future prospects propelling them to attain a far sighted vision and respective goals. She also added that the books promoted by NCERT are user friendly and highly economical catering to the vast mass of students across the country. The participant Principals lauded her views at great length and the majority voiced the similar concerns. Such academic conclaves are the testimony to the fact that discussions and exchanging views and opinions would always work towards the betterment of the society at large. KUDOS to all the Principals.