School News

The school organized a mega inter school event FUTURAMA-2019 on Friday, 12th July. The event was a huge success as hoard of schools reported in to participate at various sub events being organised based on the theme FUTURISTIC DEVELOPMENT . The whole school wore a festive look. An array of contests was organised concerning the fields of Psychology, Stem education and 3 Dexter. These contests were further subdivided in to various segments viz. Psycho hub consisting of psychic fables, Poster making, Rhetoric junction, Computational thinking, Artificial intelligence etc. A thought provoking contest on Nukkad Natak (Street play) was staged too seeking the attention of all. All the contestants from various schools participated in this event enthusiastically and exuberantly. An exhibition of multitude of models made by the school students was on display which was hugely appreciated by the audience. The occasion was graced by various eminent Principals of the area schools and the Deputy Director of Education[NW B] Mrs. Shashi Bala Saini also graced the occasion .She congratulated the exemplary efforts of the children and the teachers . She appreciated the intellectual endeavour of the school at length. The occasion was also graced by the Chairperson Mrs. Pushpa Gupta and the Academic Director, Mrs. Ritu Bansal . Speaking on the occasion , Mrs. Ritu Bansal appreciated the efforts of the entire school highly and she also emphasised that the endeavours were well directed towards strengthening the vision for a promising future. Addressing the gathering in their ceremonial speech , HOS Mrs. Aruna Sivaraj and the School Director Capt. V.K.Verma highlighted the need of developing and inculcating scientific temper among students and “Futurama” 2019 is a great leap forward in this direction.