School News

Today on 18.04.18, a meticulous Mock Drill was exercised at Himalaya Public School, Rohini at 10:10 am. To train the teachers and students to douse the fire in case of a fire accident, Mr. S. Solanki of Delhi Police was present with his team. They exhibited practically by setting up fire and dousing it off using a fire extinguisher. Set of teachers and students extinguished the fire efficiently under their guidance. Later Mr. Solanki praised the school at length for evacuating the children in less than 4 min which remains a record among the evacuation exercises taking place in different Govt. & private schools across the city. He also educated the children about different degree and grades of fire accidents and he also suggested vital tips to tackle any fire accident. Lastly the school director - Capt. V.K. Verma addressed the whole school and he thanked immensly the efforts of Delhi Police. He also applauded the commendable efforts of entire team of teachers, students including the non-teaching staff members