School News

An exemplary effort has been made by the young Himalayans who did their own bit by reaching out to millions as they donated a cheque of approximately 32,000 Indian rupees to the “Care Promise Welfare Society “ involved in spreading awareness about the deadly and dreaded disease “Cancer”. Today on 16th April 2018, the Director of the society, Dr.C.S.Rao was presented with the cheque by the esteemed Director of the school ,Captain V.K.Verma who praised the efforts of the little children immensely as he highlighted that it may be a little drop in the ocean but nonetheless it is a precious drop to be incorporated to form the mega corpus devoted to the cause of social service. The society also conferred Award certificates and Medallions to the teachers and all the students who contributed to the cause and five students among them were specially awarded by the society. The school Director Capt. V.K. Verma and the Vice-Principal Ms. Aruna Sivraj also presented the token of love and honour to the team members of the society.