School News

Class XII (2017-18) bade its final adieu to school with the issuance of the Board Admit cards on 27 feb.2018. Addressing the students on the occasion, the school Director Capt. V. K. Verma reminded the children to realize their dreams as the opportune moments are round the corner. Speaking further he told that the desired can be achieved with concentration of “will” and one should leave no stone left unturned while pursuing one’s goals. He wished them to follow their pursuits with focused zeal. The school administrator Mrs. Radha Ratnam bade goodbye to children affectionately and she emphasized the need to uphold the values learnt at school to have an emancipated life. The Vice Principal Ms. Aruna Sivraj also emphasized the need to have a thorough revision of the recommended syllabus and she also gave a number of Exam tips to the students. Later, the whole teaching fraternity interacted with the students and guided them with subject specific instructions.