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Good Luck Party for Class X
Class X Board examinees had an exclusive opportunity on 28 Feb. 2018 to listen to eminent authorities of the school as they were addressed by the vice-chairperson – Madam Pushpa Gupta, the Director- Capt. V.K.Verma, the school Adm. - Mrs. Radha Ratnam and the Vice principal- Mrs. Aruna Sivraj on their fast approaching Board exams right around the corner. Addressing the children, the vice chairperson – Madam Pushpa gupta wished them good luck for all the future endeavors. Speaking on the occasion , the school Director Capt. V.K.Verma inspired the children greatly and instructed them especially to have a sound sleep at night just before the exam. He also insisted on a timely and organized revision punctuated with wisely tips and lastly he wished them good luck for future. The school administrator, Mrs. Radha Ratnam also addressed the children and told them to concentrate with zeal and zest. The Vice Principal Mrs. Aruna Sivraj emphasized the need to be alert, awakened and cautions while attempting the papers at the Board Exams. Later a light refreshment & chocolates were distributed among children and they were wished Good Luck by the entire teaching fraternity.