School News

The First Academic Meeting (2021-22)
On the 30th day of March,2021, the HOS Ms. Aruna Sivaraj,convened an extensive and detailed meeting with the entire faculty members concerning the new Academic session of 2021-22. The meeting focused on the whole pre- planned action plan to run the school effectively wherein the new members on the roll were first introduced. Next the committees were introduced with new Heads and the committee members. The Heads of the departments , looking after various subjects were also introduced alongwith co-members and all the class teachers were introduced before the whole faculty. House masters with their Vice House masters and the co-members too were announced with detailed course of action to be taken for the better organize action of the academic life. The other paraphernalia of the academic life like workshops, olympiads , newspapers' pursuits, minutes of meetings to be covered, events as per the planner were inseminated in very organized manner. The HOS palso declared the fourth Saturday as the bag less day to teach different skills under vocational training. The first academic meeting has ensured that to set goals and to conceive dreams are vital to have a hassle free continuance of the academic life and the HOS, Ms. Aruna Shivaraj concluded the meeting with a worthy punch line to get engrossed in work and to work efficiently, believe in yourself.