School News

The school bade adieu to its batch of 2019-20 on an optimistic note of creating and achieving new vistas of success and fame. The occasion was laced with sentiments and overpowering emotions where students and teachers alike found it difficult to bid farewell. The event was initiated with a well organized “Hawan” to seek divine blessings where the school Chairman Shri K.C.Gupta personally chanted the vedic shalokas. Addressing the children, the Chairman Shri K.C. Gupta highlighted the importance of time and also emphasized, ”The timely action always results into fruitful and positive ends.” The Chairperson Mrs. Pushpa Gupta, too performed the rituals along with the children. Later a short cultural program was organised where students and teachers both participated to make the event special. The head girl Aayushi Agarwal was declared as MS. HPS and Arpit Vaksh was declared as Mr. HPS. Puneet Kathuria was declared as MR. TALENTED while Ms. Tamanna, was declared as MS. TALENTED. Afterwards, students enjoyed a delectable lunch and they had a fun filled bash with the DJ till the evening drew close. Speaking on the occasion the HOS Ms. Aruna Sivaraj blessed the children to fare well in future.