School News

Love, camaraderie, affections and joy pouring into the air were evidently visible when Himalayans of batch 2018-19 had a Reunion within the premises on the 3rd day of January 2020. The whole precincts reverberated with ecstasy and energy as the ex-students clad in beautiful attire stepped in. Speaking on the occasion, the HOS Ms. Aruna Sivaraj inspired the children to understand the significance of meeting each other and strengthening the bond for a meaningful journey. Thereafter children had an introduction session where they shared their current pursuits. To entertain everybody, the ex-students and teachers together presented a lively, fun filled and exotic cultural show. All the performers presented an array of songs and dance sequence on the occasion enthralling the entire audience. The whole show turned out to be a great culmination of togetherness where the children revived and relived the yesteryears gone by and made their Alma master feel deeply proud. Towards the end of the programme, Ms. Anu Wadhwa was declared as Ms. Well Dressed and Himank received the award of Mr. Well Dressed . The School Director Capt. V.K.Verma blessed the children and he inspired them to develop the culture of camaraderie to cause a close nexus among all. The Reunion bash came to an end with a delectable and sumptuous dinner served and each student had been presented with mementos for the keepsake.