School News

Under the "Fit India School Week", Himalaya Public Sr. Sec. School has taken a solemn pledge to spread awareness at all levels.The HOS,Ms. Aruna Sivaraj addressed the children vibrantly, pressing the urgent need for being fit and healthy. Under the worthy aegis of CBSE the week long activities as directed, at school are being planned, organised and executed. The Day 1 and Day 2 of the week saw the "yoga practice session" in the morning assembly as well as "Free hand exercises" for all. The entire teaching fraternity also had a very indulging practice session for yoga. Students had an opportunity to listen to a discourse on Fitness & Nutrition. On the Day 3 and Day 4 a Quiz Cum Debate had been organised which saw a massive participation of students. In addition to the activities, children displayed their creative zeal through poster making on "FIT Body- FIT MIND" and they also penned their views on the issue through Essay writing. Gardening keeps the body fit and thereby the mind feels fresh. Highlighting this concern, on the day 5th, Children indulged into gardening finding solace amidst greenery. They also went on exploring and experiencing fun and joy with Aerobics.