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Swachch Yamuna Campaign
SWACHCH YAMUNA CAMPAIGN Date-1-10-2019 Cleanliness is godliness and with this noble pursuit, HPS has forged ahead to join the “March” towards Swatch Yamuna Campaign. To address the concern, the HOS of the school Ms Aruna Sivaraj accompanied around more than thirty students on the venue to clean up Yamuna. The chief guest Shri Manoj Tiwari, Member of the Parliament, addressed the gathering and he emphatically spoke to wake up and rise up to the situation and making India, a land of clean rivers and clean cities. Children participated keenly in the event and removed a huge heap of garbage from the banks of Yamuna. Everyone took a pledge not to use Plastic in public life and to keep and maintain cleanliness in all spheres. Owning up responsibility towards the community is the most sublime task and when each and every being wakes up to it, the success saga is unleashed.