School News

Pursuing the noble mission at the National level, Jal Shakti Abhiyan has become an incessant endeavour for Himalayans. The school has initiated a clarion call to one and all to save and conserve each and every drop of precious water. To strengthen and advocate the vision, the school has introduced a number of ways to sensitize the students as well as the immediate community at large. Recently a series of activities were conducted among which an eye opening workshop was held to motivate students to stop the lackadaisical attitude and deficient approach towards saving water. Speaking on the occasion, the HOS, Ms. Aruna Sivaraj suggested various ways to conserve water and she especially issued forth a dictum to use drinking water for the sole purpose of drinking alone and to abstain from using it for any other purpose. A rally was organised in this regard to emphasize the urgency and to send across the message at large, street plays were organised in the vicinity drawing keen attention of the people. The efforts initiated will definitely leave a trail behind to inspire all the stakeholders and the unconstrained support of everyone will help achieve the vision.