School News

The Himalayans became a part of the glorious moment when the Honourable Prime Minister launched a nationwide FIT INDIA MOVEMENT on 29th August,2019. Proper arrangements were made for the viewing of the programme. The school Director, Capt. (IN) V.K.Verma and the HOS Mrs. Aruna Sivaraj too joined the students to watch the launch event .Technology is the major cause, pushing people towards sedentary life style, pointed out by the Honourable Prime Minister drew the attention of the children keenly. Walking, cycling and avoiding elevators to be promoted was noted as being practised by several progressive nations in the world to keep the diseases and discomfort at bay. “The lifestyle of the ICONS must be emulated as they are the masters at keeping fit”, was a great reminder by the Honourable Prima Minister to reckon with. After the completion of the viewing, children were addressed by the HOS Ms. Aruna Sivaraj and the school Director Capt. (IN) V.K.Verma consecutively and both recommended strongly to adopt a healthy life style, the need of the hour, as suggested by the Honourable Prime Minister. It was culminated with an oath ceremony, pledging to keep fit to help oneself and the Nation at large.