It gives me immense pleasure to address you all through this wonderful platform. An earnest effort is the key to success. However, most of us fear to follow our dreams and the need to make an effort never gets instilled. The fear never allows us to begin the journey towards our goals but it is this, where we need to win our inner battles. Many a times we think that achieving greatness is for select few but that’s not the case. Life is about making decisions and have the courage to do whatever we want, we must strive forth defeating our fears and pursue our goals with earnest efforts. Remember, all great men have not lived in vain and they have achieved several milestones by making efforts tirelessly. Begin your efforts with sincerity of purpose and achieve and attain laurels for yourselves, your family and the whole society. I express my heartiest felicitations to the entire team of faculty members for putting in the best and sincere efforts to realize the goals.
Pushpa Gupta