Vice Chairperson's Message

Dear Children The key elements of success are attitude and faith. The rst gives us the right direction, the right perspective, the right Vision. It makes our spirit high and helps us focus on the goal ahead. It is like well-worked path in the mind that gradually evolves as a result of little choices we make every day in our lives. As we gain experience with life, attitude evolves ina direction that enhances our personality. But it is the second i.e. faith, which helps us overcome hurdles, face the challenges and take that extra step that turns us from ordinary to extra ordinary. Faith manifests the inherent courage, compassion, life force & wisdom. It opens our life to countless possibilities which remain hidden from the limited connes of our minds. The reality of the situation unfolds before us in a crystal clear manner through faith. The workings of the universe move in our favour to support our endeavors.
Pushpa Gupta
Vice Chairperson