Principal's Message

The educational process is geared towards excellence when ideas are shared and translated into initiatives and healthy interaction between perennial values and pragmatic consideration makes education meaningful and empowering. The right mix of love and firmness is required to make the learning environment positive. It impels one to go beyond limitations and excel. The purpose of the school therefore is to provide individualized education in a collective environment and to encourage critical thinking skills and to prepare them to walk that extra mile in a disciplined and goal oriented manner.We, at HPS, have always striven to develop each student into a well rounded person who can cope with and conquer life's internal and external challenges. Our focus on integrated development has led us to gear and structure every activity, every department, every learning arena and all the facilities offered towards achieving this goal. I wish all the students the very best, may their present learning transform their future into one of joy, comfort and lifelong learning.
Alka Rampal