Proud Moment for School for Achieving ISA Award Conferred By British Council.
Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory of Himalaya Public Sr. Sec. School is fully ventilated as it is necessary for chemistry lab because of gas produced by different chemicals. Lot many charts are displayed on the walls to create healthy environment for practicals. Along with the teacher lab assistant are always there to help the students while performing experiments. There is a facility of fire extinguisher, and first AID box as preventive measure. There is a separate store room for storing chemicals. There are enough no of water taps to dispose of chemicals after performing experiments, isolated racks for  storing  concentrated and dilute acids are there. It is facilitated with distillation flask. LPG Bunsen burner is also available to perform the experiment with case. Special feature of the lab in that separate cupboard are allotted to each and every students to keep their lab coats and other required things for their experiments. We create healthy environment for all the students so that they perform the experiments with zeal and enthusiasm.

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