Proud Moment for School for Achieving ISA Award Conferred By British Council.
Biology Laboratory

Laboratories are aimed to make teaching learning process more interesting and assimilative one. Students in a laboratory experience the learning by doing themselves.

Biology Lab of HPS provide necessary infrastructure and facilities to the students  to conduct all the necessary practical activities.

  1. It houses stone selves and wooden platforms to carry out practicals.
  2. It has sufficient number of compound micro scopes and dissecting microscopes for learning the microscopic details of micro organisms, cell structures , different slides of various plant and animal parts.
  3. To carry  out various experiments. It has proper water and gas pipeline fittings.
  4. To avoid fire accidents, a fire extinguisher is installed in the laboratory.
  5. Bio lab has proper storage facilities for students files, chemicals and glass wares.
  6. It stores models and charts of various plant and animal specimens and their body parts.
  7. Plastic models of various structures and organs are present in the laboratory.
  8. A full length plastic ( fiber glass) human skeleton facilitate the students to learn skeletal details of human body.
  9. As per the direction of wild life  protection department. We have removed all  the endangered and listed animal  and plant specimens  from the laboratory. They are replaced by their plastic models.
  10. Students  learn  different aspects  of plants and animals morphology and anatomy by doing/performing various experiments on osmosis, chromatography, pollination, soil analysis, enzyme action etc.
  11. The students carry out different experiments like analyzing contents of food , abnormalities of blood and urine  can be practically tested.
  12. Different charts and models help them to understand the biological phenomenon in a better way.
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