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Science Club
A science club is an out-of-school-hours club that offers children the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom. Science Club is a fantastic opportunity for learners of all abilities to explore aspects of Science that are not always possible within the constraints of a normal school timetable. It motivates and appeals to the interests of those students who might be struggling in Science. Science, like History, is everywhere. It underpins our understanding of nature, photography, sport, the weather, cookery, magic tricks, outer space and much more besides! There is no shortage of engaging and enjoyable Science-related activities that can be devised and organized quite easily.

Hands-on experiments such as preparation of soyabean milk, transpiration in plants and its importance, creativity with chemicals and more.

These experiments develop students creativity, problem-solving abilities, dexterity and team-working skills.

In addition, the process of discovery at first hand builds student understanding and appreciation of how the physical world works.
Plus, occasionally just making a whopping great mess in the name of Science can be great fun too!
April 2015

Preparation of Soda LAVA Lamp

An interesting group activity of preparing soda lava lamp producing beautiful combination of colours was performed by students.

Making of electroscope
An individual activity based on the nature of charges was performed by the students.

Making of lemon battery

A group activity in the physics lab was done in which the students generated electricity using lemons.


Preparation of Glue from Milk

A daily used product `Glue` was prepared by the use of milk. The aim of this activity was to show the link of the chemistry in daily life.

Comparison of Cauliflower with Brain.

Demonstration was given to students correlating the structures and the parts of Brain with the parts of cauliflower.


Preparation of artificial volcano

A colorful activity showing the evolution of volcano in the forms of chemical reactions with the release of CO2 is performed by the student.


Transpiration in plants

A group activity to enhance the scientific aptitude of the students based on daily life phenomena of transpiration in plants was conducted by the students.

Balloon Race

To observe the effect of temperature upon the rate of reaction a group activity was performed by the students in the science club.


Use of 5R’s

Students were encouraged to implement the use of 5 R’s in their daily life and enable them to understand the management of natural resources.

Magic writing

Magic of chemistry was observed by the students when they use the magic ink for reading and writing.



A sweet smelling liquid known as ester was prepared the students in the lab and they were enable to know the uses of it.

Project on foaming capacity of soap

Students were enable to compare the foaming capacity and the cleansing action of different types of soaps through this activity.


Spectrum of light

Activity based on spectrum of light called VIBGYOR was performed by the students.

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