Proud Moment for School for Achieving ISA Award Conferred By British Council.
Heritage Club

Heritage club is school organized learning club to impart co -scholastic knowledge about our rich heritage. In today's modern life style students don't have time to search and know about the glory of their past.

Heritage:- Things or values we inherit from our ancestors

Club organizes different activities so that students should learn in an interesting way and feel proud of India's rich and diverse heritage.


  • To make students aware about their past.
  • To know about different clothes, customs culture, regions and religions etc of India.
  • To appreciate sacrifices made during freedom struggle.
  • To understand importance and contribute to prevent heritage and heritage sites
August - 2014

Make a list and write about World Heritage Sites in India chosen by UNESCO

Suggest ways to make buildings and monuments accessible to differently able people

July - 2014

To analyze the life style and problems in desert areas. How it has been changed during last 50 years

Make collage on various heritage festivals

May - 2014

Activity was conducted related to tribal groups of India. To know about customs, life styles and changes that came in last 50 years

To be aware about various religions and their practices

To find out about different clothes of people of different Indian states


April - 2014

Make collage to compare weather conditions of hill station and places near the sea

Collect pictures and information about Birla Mandir

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