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Eco Club

Eco club is environment education programme. It is school based programme that organizes the students into a club coordinated by a teacher who is patron of the club to undertake the environment friendly activities in the school and community where they live. The main objective is to encourage the young people about national and global environment management. It also organizes campaign against the pollution of environment, fixing poster in the public places and to propagate personal hygienic habits

April 2015

Celebrating Earth Day

Students prepared slogans and posters using thick chart paper. This was to create awareness amongst all regarding the depletion of resources and degradation of environment on earth.

Making Eco Friendly File Folders

Students used hand-made sheets or cartridge sheets for making the File Folders which will be used by them to keep their Eco Club assignments. This activity was performed to discourage the use of plastic Folders by students.


Jute Bag Making

This activity was given to students to reduce the usage of plastic bags and search for other alternatives like Jute Bags and cloth bags etc.


Paper Bag making Competition

This activity was performed as intra-Class competition among students. They came out with beautiful bags made of thick cartridge sheets or hand-made sheets.



Plantation of tree saplings was done on 26th August, 2015 by IX and X class students as a part of Delhi government Plantation drive. Students planted the sapling of various trees and also of some medicinal plants.

Medicinal Plants

The activity was given as an assignments to the students. They collected the information about 10-15 medicinal plants and the disease or disorder in which they are effectively used. They also researched on the methods and the parts of the plants which were used in that particular disease.



Through this activity students were taught the proper usage of green bins for bio degradable waste and blue bins for recyclable waste.

Formative III


Protection of O3 layer

Depleting O3 layer is a matter of concern globally. So the students are made aware about the harmful effects of O3 depletion and they were able to express their ideas about the protection of O3 layer by writing slogans and making posters.

Dengue Awareness Campaign

Increased cases of dengue affected people was a matter of worry and concern for the entire nation .So students are guided accordingly to search for the cause of more incidents of dengue into reduce the year 2015 and better and alternative measures which can be taken by public To reduce and prevent the incidence of dengue


Celebrating Eco-friendly Diwali

Diwali –the festival of lights has merely become a festival of crackers bursting and gift exchanging. In order to make students aware about the hazards caused due to cracker bursting they are asked to write new methods to celebrate the festival in a more eco-friendly manner.


To Make Delhi Clean and Green

Cleanliness is next to godliness. As our religion preach that Gods reside in clean surroundings. To make students understand the importance of cleanliness of themselves, their environment and their school, they are guided accordingly about the maintenance of themselves, their classroom and school campus clean and green.



Reducing vehicular Pollution

Increasing number of vehicles have already deteriorated the air quality of Delhi. Students were given this activity to suggest their ideas about reducing vehicular pollution. This activity was aimed at reducing the air pollution burden caused due to vehicle in the metro cites.

Managing the waste

This activity was given as report writing to the students. They identified the various types of waste like recyclable, bio-degradable and non-Bio-degradable. They also suggested the measures to reduce/manage different types of waste so that the overall waste burden is reduced.


Maintaining the vermi-composting pit

The students were assigned duties to keep the already installed vermin composting pit. It was maintained by watering it regularly. They also learned that worms are very good source of turning bi-degradable waste into manure.

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