Special Assembly 2018-19

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Day:Investiture Ceremony
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Upholding this philosophy, the Investiture ceremony of the Prefectorial Board, 2018 was initiated with the serene lamp lighting by the Director of the school, Capt. V.K Verma along with the Administrator Radha Rahnam and the Vice Principal, Mrs. Aruna Sivaraj. The congregation at the special assembly witnessed the conferring of badges on the Head boy and Head girl along with various committee prefects and house captains and vice captains.
Donning the mantle of accountability, the whole Prefectorial Board took the pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the school to bring greater glories to the school.
Later the Vice Principal, Madam Aruna Sivaraj motivated the children to work together for the welfare of the school. At last the Director of the school addressed the whole congregation, applauding the sincere endeavors of the school headed towards realizing the motto of the school to be ever higher.

Day:Sadbhavana Diwas
Program:Sadbhavana Diwas was observed during special assembly where by students took a pledge to spread harmony among all irrespective of caste ,creed and religion make the society a better place to live with a noble vision and purpose.

Today on 18.04.18, a meticulous Mock Drill was exercised at Himalaya Public School, Rohini at 10:10 am. To train the teachers and students to douse the fire in case of a fire accident, Mr. S. Solanki of Delhi Police was present with his team. 
They exhibited practically by setting up fire and dousing it off using a fire extinguisher. Set of teachers and students extinguished the fire efficiently under their guidance. 
Later Mr. Solanki praised the school at length for evacuating the children in less than 4 min which remains a record among the evacuation exercises taking place in different Govt. & private schools across the city. He also educated the children about different degree and grades of fire accidents and he also suggested vital tips to tackle any fire accident. 
Lastly the school director - Capt. V.K. Verma addressed the whole school and he thanked immensly the efforts of Delhi Police. He also applauded the commendable efforts of entire team of teachers, students including the non-teaching staff members



An exemplary effort has been made by the young Himalayans who did their own bit by reaching out to millions as they donated a cheque of approximately 32,000 Indian rupees to the “Care Promise Welfare Society “ involved in  spreading awareness about the deadly and dreaded disease “Cancer”.

                   Today on 16th April 2018, the Director of the society, Dr.C.S.Rao was presented with the cheque by the esteemed Director of the school ,Captain V.K.Verma who praised the efforts of the little children immensely as he highlighted that it may be a little drop in the ocean but nonetheless it is a precious drop to be incorporated to form the mega corpus devoted to the cause of social service. The society also conferred Award certificates and Medallions  to the teachers and all the students who contributed to the cause and five students among them  were specially awarded by the  society. The school Director Capt. V.K. Verma and the Vice-Principal  Ms. Aruna Sivraj also presented the token of love and honour to the team members of the society.



A discourse  and  dissemination  session on environmental conservation on 12th july ,2018 was organised by Himalaya Public Sr. Sec. School, Rohini in association with an NGO Sabka Aasra. The occasion was replete with intellectual academia as well as dignitaries from diverse fields. The  programme was initiated with the welcome of the guests by the Vice Principal Ms. Aruna Sivraj. The  General Secretary of the NGO Sabka Aasra , Mrs. Archna Singhla was introduced to the student community and she highlighted the concerns for conserving Environment. The Asst.Professor of  IP University Dr.Shyamli Singh was the main speaker who not only delivered the main concern but also suggested a number of ways to conserve Environment. She insisted on small actions in daily life which could help the environment.

On the occasion, DCP Rajneesh Gupta, Dist .Rohini , graced the occasion. He engaged the children into an interesting conversation to the great delight of the children. All the dignitaries were duly honoured. Later a plantation programme was executed and the premises were enlivened with a number of saplings ,as a step to conserve nature.

Day:Special Assembly On International Day For Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking

A special assembly was conducted on the International day for drug abuse and illicit trafficking at Himalaya Public School on 9th July 2018.Children of the senior wing presented an effective skit showing the ill-impacts of the drug abuse. A student made a speech about it to generate awareness among the students. The assembly was finally concluded with the address speech of the Vice Principal Ms. Aruna Sivraj and Capt. V.K.Verma , the school Director.


 On the occasion of Red Cross Day on 8th May 2018, the students of HPS participated in an overwhelming assembly session highlighting the noble task of  reaching out to the whole humanity by the philanthropic worldwide  society of Red Cross, an organization everywhere for everyone. Children of the middle wing presented an inspiring skit bringing forth the aim and motto of Red Cross society. They also crooned a melodious song representing the need of being sensitive towards humanity at large .Speeches too were delivered by the students highlighting the generous pursuits of  the Red Cross society. Concluding the session the Vice -Principal Ms. Aruna Sivraj applauded the efforts of the children and she told to develop the spirit of reaching out to people  to make the society a better  place to live.