Proud Moment for School for Achieving ISA Award Conferred By British Council.
House System (2015-16)

The students are exposed to social education and made to develop acceptable team spirit and competitiveness through various House activities. These activities provide them an opportunity for the development of self -confidence and understanding of National and International events.

There are four Houses:

1) Unity House

Motto of the House:

  1. Promote the quality of being in harmony
  2. Move ahead with mutual agreement and constancy of purpose

House Master: Ms. Juhi Anand
Vice House Master : - Ms. Supriya
House Captain: Prateek Iyer-XD
House Vice-Captain: Ashutosh Pandey-XB


2) Humanity House

Motto of the House:

  1. Promote the quality of being human, tolerant, compassionate and kind hearted
  2. Instill understanding and consideration for others
  3. Humanity is just to be more human to others

House Master: Ms. Sandhya Gandhi
Vice House Master: MS. Jhuni
House Captain: Shlok X A
House Vice-Captain: Smriti X B


3) Courtsey House

Motto of the House:

  1. He who sows courtesy reaps friendship and he who plants kindness gather love
  2. Promote polite behavior that shows respect for people in social situation
  3. Inculcate generosity to others in providing something needed

House Master: Ms. Sunita Agarwal
Vice House Master : Ms. Neha Bhardwaj
House Captain: Pulkit X C
House Vice-Captain: Khusboo X B


4) Purity House

Motto of the House:

  1. Achieve the state of being free from moral wrong
  2. Acquire freedom from improper words/phrases/views
  3. Make constant efforts to carefully correct ourselves

House Master: Ms. Shakuntla
Vice House Master Ms. Manju
House Captain: Narayan X B
House Vice-Captain: Mansi Jain X D

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