Chairman's Message

People with passion for work generally enjoy their work the most. Taking a pause, slowing down and doing some real introspection is the first step to discover passion. We need to observe what we really enjoy doing & make the decision in full awareness, fully conscious about the things that are important to us. Passionate people remain focused while at work, they undertake a task willingly, they take credit & failure in their stride. They work not just with their brains but with their hearts. They enjoy new challenges & are not afraid of growing slowly, but of standing still. People who do not enjoy their work are indecisive, shirk responsibility, lack courage & fear criticism. They fail to recognize opportunity for growth and tend to move in the downward spiral of stagnation. Passion coupled with concentration and determination leads to a wonderful life. So, we must materialize our passion into action and put as much heart, mind & body & soul into our efforts as is possible. We should not let a single day go without a new learning.
K C Gupta